Adam Łabędzki, Wed, 07.01.2015

Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the biggest gaming oriented hackaton in the world. Spend 48h coding game prototype simultaneously with people from around the world. Interact and cooperate with other developers face-to-face at Tricity Global Game Jam edition.

Robert Gdaniec, Wed, 07.01.2015

Do you work on innovative projects or preparing yourself to do so? Take part in The Economic Rating of Innovation workshop and gain necessary knowledge of your idea's economic potential.

Adam Łabędzki, Mon, 08.12.2014

Inspiring meeting about business, communication and investment market.


Karol Sójko, Mon, 08.12.2014

Last meeting this year! Maybe Santa Claus will drop by ;)

1. Krzysztof Kąkol - Domain Driven Design: koncepcja i building blocks
2. Kamil Szarmach - p0rn.php
3. Szymon Skórczyński - Docker - the future of web apps deployment

Robert Gdaniec, Thu, 04.12.2014

An amazing opportunity to meet specialists and gain face-to-face advice regarding startups and business challenges.


Adam Łabędzki, Wed, 03.12.2014

3camp about the use of augmented reality, artificial intelligence and robots.


Robert Gdaniec, Wed, 03.12.2014

The last Creative Morning meeting of this year is on its way! Be ready for a massive amount of networking and high class knowledge!


Robert Gdaniec, Mon, 01.12.2014

Strefa Startup Gdynia invites you to the next "Commercialization Paths" meeting. This time it's all about the risk in innovative projects.


Robert Gdaniec, Mon, 01.12.2014

In many of young enterpreneurs' minds, LOTOS Group seems to be an unavailable business partner. During the meeting we will show that cooperation with LOTOS is possible. We want to inspire you to look for a partner for your smart business even among the 'big fishes'.

Veronika Saniuk, Sun, 30.11.2014

For those who are looking for job in IT.