Adam Łabędzki, Mon, 23.02.2015


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Adam Łabędzki, Fri, 20.02.2015

Meet interesting people and work together on an useful service. What service exactly? As usual it will be revealed during the Global Service Jam day!

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Małgorzata Szuta, Wed, 18.02.2015

About the contest
This contest is a part of the Lambda Daλs Conference which brings together people passionate about functional programming. We've prepared a set of challanging programming problems which are open for solving for any registered user.

Adam Łabędzki, Wed, 18.02.2015

About code review and happy developers.

3 Camp, Wed, 18.02.2015

tech.3camp #26: "Code Review - how to improve code quality"

Meeting about code review, pull requests, software metrics and other ways of improving code quality.

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Adam Łabędzki, Tue, 17.02.2015

Are you already using slack in your team? Great tool right? Why not use it to communicate in Tricity? We've just launched #3hack team on slack!

Robert Gdaniec, Mon, 16.02.2015

Would you like to know how to guard a trademark? Are you planning to start a business and want to enshrine its name and logo? Register to Trademark Safeguard course and find out all the answers! It's time for the second part - workshops.

Adam Łabędzki, Mon, 09.02.2015

8th meeting of meet.js Gdansk group.


Robert Gdaniec, Fri, 06.02.2015

Another edition of one of the biggest events in social media field is coming! 5 days, 10 guests, an amazing opportunity, lots of inspiration and knowledge! Register and become a part of it!


Robert Gdaniec, Wed, 04.02.2015

Feel invited to the next meeting about commercialization and technology transfer. This time the main guest will be Paweł Żebrowski from Regional Innovation and Technology Transfer Centrum in Szczecin.